Compliance & Accreditations

QUEMIC is proudly South African and fully compliant with all national and industry specific legal and regulatory requirements and is duly registered on the Central Supplier Database (CSD). QUEMIC has a national infrastructure, is financially sound and has a strong liability coverage.

Quemic Africa (Pty) Ltd is a verified Qualifying Small Enterprise level 1 contributor to B-BBEE with 135% procurement recognition and is 32% black women owned.


Environmental Responsibility
QUEMIC is proudly sponsoring the pioneering Gantouw Project, where five eland were introduced in 2015 and are now roaming the Cape Flats
for the first time in more than 200 years. The Gantouw Project involves moving the eland between nature reserves
and nature areas to replicate their historical natural migration patterns, which will also play a vital role in the conservation of species and ecosystems.
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Employment Development & Training


QUEMIC is committed to the long-term development of all its employees and actively ensures that equal opportunities and economic empowerment form the backbone of its human resources policies, procedures and practices.

Our commitment to the on-going development of a training culture is driven by the principle that “those companies that are the most competitive are those where specialised investment in education and training is unusually great.