Quemic Group Rationalisation

During June 2015, the Quemic group embarked on an unbundling and rationalisation programme, with some of the peripheral assets being sold. The Quemic Group currently is as follows:  

Social Responsibility & Youth Development

The Chrysalis Academy, an initiative of the Western Cape Provincial Government, offers a 5-year development programme for youth-at-risk. The programme starts with an intensive 3-months of empowerment training that takes place on the Porter Estate campus set in the Tokai forest. Quemic, as part of our social responsibility & youth development programme, is very proud [...]

The Gantouw Project

Quemic is proudly sponsoring the pioneering Gantouw Project, where five eland were introduced in 2015 and are now roaming the Cape Flats for the first time in more than 200 years. The three-year Gantouw Pilot Project involves moving the eland between nature reserves and nature areas to replicate their historical natural migration patterns, which will [...]